Kittens Who Were Left at Petco, Realize Shelter Volunteer is There to Help Them, They Run into Her Arms

Two kittens who were left at Petco, realized a shelter volunteer was there to help them. They ran into her arms.

Krispy and Kreme@adoptablesnyc

Last month, Alyssa was contacted by her animal rescue group about two kittens that had been abandoned at their local Petco.

No one came to claim the kittens, so volunteers of Puppy Kitty NY City took them in and arranged for a foster home, giving them a soft landing while preparing them for a bright future.

When Alyssa came to pick them up, the kittens greeted her warmly, vying for her attention and cuddles. “These two sisters were so affectionate that one jumped into my arms,” Alyssa shared with Love Meow.


“We don’t know why they were left at Petco, but I’m so glad they’re here and have a chance at finding a great home.”

The kittens, Krispy and Kreme, quickly made themselves at home. Within an hour after arriving, they joined Alyssa’s mother on her bed, lying on top of her, their purrs a gentle serenade.

They were very snuggly from the start@adoptablesnyc

At nine weeks old, they were equal parts boisterous and affectionate. They adored everyone they met and weren’t shy about getting up close and personal.

In no time, the two turned into lap loungers, always drawn to the nearest warm spot and happy to snuggle up. “They are friendly, confident kittens who love greeting new people.”


“Krispy likes bringing her toys to you and walking in between your legs, and Kreme loves sitting on my shoulder or around my neck or chest and falling asleep.”

Despite their playful and adventurous spirits, they find their greatest solace in the arms of their humans.

They cuddled up to their foster mom and melted into her arms@adoptablesnyc

When Alyssa enters the room, the sweet tabbies greet her with a warm, loving welcome, rubbing against her legs, their purrs humming like tiny motorboats. Within minutes, they melt into her arms, their eyelids heavy with sleep.

“They are as sweet as their names and irresistible. I have to give them daily kisses, and thankfully, they seem to like them.”

The two feline sisters share an adorable bond@adoptablesnyc

The kittens are a whirlwind of energy when they play with toys. After many feline escapades, they drift into a blissful slumber, pressing against one another.

“They are very active and love chasing each other, rolling around, and usually end up falling asleep cuddled. They really love each other.”

They love to play and are full of energy@adoptablesnyc

“Kreme is obsessed with sitting as close to your face as she can. Personal space is not a concept for her,” Alyssa added.

“Krispy will follow you and get involved in everything you do. I have to check closets and bags before I close them to make sure she’s still not inside. They can be little troublemakers but in the cutest ways.”

But they love cuddles even more@adoptablesnyc

The lovable duo spreads joy and laughter wherever they go. They have befriended other foster kittens in the house, showing them the ropes and helping them to feel at home.

“I don’t know about their past but they are absolute lap kitties who adore getting affection.”

They take to other foster kittens and welcome them into their cuddle puddle@adoptablesnyc

“They are besties and love napping, chasing and tussling with each other. Whoever ‘chooses them’ will get a world of love.”

Best of friends@adoptablesnyc

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