Catnip and Reiki With Hauspanther

Just because the CFA Cat Expo was over, it doesn’t mean the fun ended! A special visitor came by my hotel room the night before we left — cat style expert Kate Benjamin! And she brought a couple of awesome items from her Hauspanther line: a catnip kicker and a catnip toy!

I explored the kicker first.

In fact, I spent quite a while making sure it met my expectations.

Who am I trying to fool — I actually went crazy over these toys! At one point, I was playing with both the kicker and the smaller toy at the same time. While I was enjoying myself, Kate and my human chatted. They’ve known each other for years, but hardly ever get a chance to hang out. They’re usually both busy at events, and they live in different cities. To be honest, they also spent a lot of time talking about me.

After my play session with the catnip toys, Kate gave me some reiki. She just got her certification, and she wanted to practice. She plans to work with cats using it. It seems like a positive addition to what she already does as a style expert to make cats feel good.

It was actually nice to have after the busy expo! And when she was finished my human said I felt really warm. It was a very special experience.

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​ Our last night in Cleveland, we had a visit from someone special – Kate from Hauspanther! And she brought gifts.
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