How a Professional Cat Model Does It

My human and I got to do a sponsored reel on Instagram for Petco this week! And I used my pro model expertise to make it as good as I possibly could!

Here’s the first rule — you’re not supposed to sit in front of the brand’s name!

And we got a few perks along with the fee. Just wait til you see what was in the box!

This is just some of it. Of course they expected me to pose with all this in the reel. It was up to my human to arrange them nicely and not bury the cat bed with them, like you see here.

Since they had specials on cat treats the week of my post, my job was to tap a couple treat bags on cue. My human made sure to ask the Petco humans which treats they preferred that I tap, and we used those.

She also got some video of me posing in the box. Pro secret: I’m actually standing on a box inside the box! The biggest problem we had was I kept jumping out of the box right after posing and not waiting until my human gave the okay. So she used a take of me jumping in the reel.

So if you are on Instagram, you can see the reel. And if you’re not, I guess you can’t! But you did get to see the behind the scenes fun here. Incidentally, we really didn’t need all the stuff they sent us, so we’re mostly giving it away to friends or donating it. The only thing I got to keep were these Tiki Cat Stix treats. But I’m perfectly happy with that!

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​ I got to do an Instagram Reel for Petco, and I thought you’d like to see how my pro modeling skills made it a success!
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