My Fun Day at the Cat Show in Ventura

Even though we aren’t that far from Ventura, my human didn’t want to have a long drive on the same day we were doing a cat show, so we stayed in a nearby hotel. I loved the room immediately! My human, of course spent most of the time here at the desk in the back.

There was a little confusion at the cat show when we get there. Sometimes the person setting up the benching doesn’t realize we’re not really part of the show, but doing meet and greets for the public. This time, they had me placed in a part of the hall where nobody could find me! In fact, my human couldn’t even find where it was. So she explained why we were there, and they wound up setting up a table for us where all the vendors were. Which was actually perfect. There was a lot of room for people to see us and hang out.

All sorts of people came by to see me. Some of them followed me on social media. In fact, one person showed up because he saw me doing a live video on TikTok while we were at the show! But other people were cat show attendees who didn’t know me…but they were really happy to meet me! My human spent lots of time talking with everyone and answering any questions they had about me, my breed, or anything else they wanted to know.

My human also did some shopping. You’ll see some of what she got me in another post. But you get to see the Yeowww! catnip pineapple now! She saw it on display, and the catnip smell was so strong she knew she had to get it for me.

I also managed to fit in some nap time. It was a really pleasant weekend, and I was so glad to have such a fun little trip. You can see my video recap below.

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​ My human and I had a nice weekend out of town, and a fun time at the cat show at the Ventura County Fairgrounds!
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