Spreading Peace at the Big Hospital

I had a quiet but productive visit at the big hospital today. Since Halloween is coming up, I dressed up in my old-fashioned nurse’s outfit, which everyone always loves. We started at the Cancer Center, which was an important stop for my human, since a friend of hers (and someone I’ve met) died recently of cancer.

At first we didn’t think we’d get to see anybody — one patient was off in the restroom and one was asleep. But while I was visiting the nurse, the patient came back from the restroom, and after that, the other patient woke up. So I got to spend time with them both. They were Spanish speaking, but my human didn’t chat with them in her broken Spanglish because they both just wanted me lying next to them. I especially liked the older woman and dozed a little with her.

Next we went up to Pediatrics. Three patients were available, but one was allergic, so I saw the other two. The first girl was happy to see me because she was missing her kitty at home. She was a very nice visit. The next girl was overjoyed to see me because she wanted a kitty and her mother didn’t want a cat! While the girl enjoyed my visit, the mother told my human why she didn’t like cats. When she was a child, she’d had a cockatiel she loved very much…but a cat had killed it. She was deeply traumatized by this. But as much as she disliked cats, she liked me a lot, and she could see how much joy I brought her daughter. So maybe I did a little bit of healing there too.

Our last stop was Labor and Delivery. My human made a point of stopping there because the nurses love when the therapy cats visit, and she knew they’d love my outfit. Of course I had to pose for a bunch of photos, which you know pleased me to no end. And for once, I had a patient to see. The woman had her partner with her, and he was lying next to her in the hospital bed. So I got cozy with the both of them. They were very sweet and sleepy, and the woman mentioned that they had a cat at home too.

Except for the one mom with the bird, my human said very little on this visit. It was all about bringing a moment of stillness and peace for most of the patients I saw. And I liked it that way.

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​ This therapy cat visit showed that quiet times are sometimes the most productive.
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