Cat Tried to Get People to Notice Him with His Charming Face for Two Years, Finally Had His Dream Realized

A cat tried to get people to notice him with his charming face. Two years later, he finally had his dream realized.

Shibby the catHearthsideCats

A very mellow cat, named Shibby, came from a home with over 40 feline residents. Even though he was in rough shape, he rubbed his head against those who came to help him.

Ashley Anderson of Hearthside Cats worked tirelessly with five rescue organizations to bring all the cats to safety. “We offered to take in the major medical and behavioral, and so Shibby came to us,” Ashley shared.

Shibby was immediately treated for his eyes, mouth, a wound on his face and stomach issues. The sweet boy nuzzled up to Ashley, pressing his nose against her as if to say, “Thank you.”

He was rescued from a house with over 40 catsHearthsideCats

“He’s been through so much and never lost an ounce of his sweet nature.”

Shibby was born with microphthalmia, a condition where the eyes are underdeveloped and atypically smaller. He underwent bilateral entropion surgery to correct the painful inward rolling of his eyelashes.

He was very affectionate and gentle from the startHearthsideCats

Right after the procedure, he seemed much more at ease, rubbing his cheeks against his people like a warm blanket.

Shibby truly blossomed as he made a full recovery, his fur becoming soft and shiny. “He is exceptionally sweet, loves snuggles and playtime, and isn’t fazed by the other cats, having come from a home with so many.”

He loved to be cuddledHearthsideCats

He wore a warm and charming smile on his face every day, his eyes like pools of love. The moment he was petted, he melted into his human, filling the room with his rumbling purr.

Shibby adored people and tried to get their attention with his beautiful temperament. He’d happily offer himself to be their little shadow, the sweetest companion.

He wore his beautiful smile every day in foster careHearthsideCats

“He moves at a turtle’s pace, following closely behind so that he can be in his favorite place, right by your side,” Ashley shared.

Even during vet visits, Shibby was so delighted that he rubbed against the carrier as the door opened. His affection was as boundless as the ocean.

He is a complete love-bugHearthsideCats

Shibby would burst into action, zooming around the house like a kitten again. “He is goofy and playful, incredibly gentle and affectionate, and loves the company of people and other cats.”

Over time, he watched many cats and kittens come and go, his heart yearning for a place of his own.


His beautiful, soulful smile never faded, even as the weeks turned into months, and months into years. He was “the last remaining boy from this rescue.”

Earlier this month, after two years of waiting, Shibby received the news that he had been waiting for.

He’s been in foster care for about two yearsHearthsideCats

A couple, Julie and Greg, came to visit Shibby and fell head over heels for the sweet boy.

Shibby walked right up to Julie and planted the most adorable kisses on her cheek, as if he knew they were there for him – his dream had finally come true.

Shibby found his forever familyHearthsideCats

“(This is) the part of rescue that makes it all worthwhile. Our sweet boy has finally found a loving family of his very own – the kind of love and life we always hoped he would find.”

Happy and lovedHearthsideCats

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