Healing Purrs for Broken Limbs

I think the children’s hospital may be my favorite place for my therapy cat visits. It’s outpatient, so it’s not overwhelmingly big, like the hospital complex I go to. And while I like visiting the assisted living houses, the residents can be a little strange and unpredictable. The children’s hospital is mainly kids and their parents. And while some of the kids have birth defects that make them look strange, nearly everyone is friendly and kind.

This was a fun visit. The moment I walked into the lobby there was a young teen girl who was so excited to see me she clasped her hands over her mouth. So I spent lots of time with her, and with another happy little girl and her mother.

After my visits in the lobby, I went to the exam rooms. Among the first couple patients I saw were teen boys. They are funny! Boys that age usually shrug when my human asks if they want to see me. But then they really enjoy hanging out with me. One of the boys injured his hand doing, I assume, typical active boy stuff, and while the doctor manipulated the injured hand, he petted me with the other.

And don’t think it was just boys running around injuring themselves. There was also a tween girl who had just gotten her cast off. My human doesn’t know if I was just happier than normal for this visit, or if I instinctively know that purrs vibrate at a frequently that enhances bone healing. Because I purred a lot for these patients.

Most of the patients this visit spoke English and my human chatted happily with them. But one family with a boy that had a severe skeletal defect only spoke Spanish. But when the nurse explained why we were there, the parents eagerly moved all their belongings off the sofa in the exam room so I could sit next to the boy for a photo. He loved posing with me.

As we walked through the lobby to sign out, a toddler, who was as excited as the first girl we saw, ran towards me. She was wearing a long sleeved tee with a cat on it. So of course I hung out with her. Her mother reminded her in Spanish to be gentle with me…and as excited as she was, she obeyed. It was a really nice way to end this visit.

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​ I really enjoyed this therapy cat visit at the children’s hospital! And that’s because the kids I visited enjoyed me.
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