What Is He Doing?

The peach kitty showed up during my latest outing in the backyard (he usually does). But his behavior is getting so weird!

At first I thought it was just going to be a treat bonanza, like usual.

But he started talking to me! Little meows like a regular kitty, not those screechy noises the other outside cats make when they’re fighting. And then he started rolling around on the dirt like he did last time.

He didn’t even run away when I got closer.

Then he went over by the rose bushes and continued to mess around. When I went up to him, he tapped my face!

I had no idea what he was doing! My human said he was trying to play. But honestly, I don’t remember the last time I played with a cat. Binga and Boodie weren’t really playful. I just thought he was being strange.

Then he did something even weirder! While my human was handing out treats, he went over to my leash, and tried to grab it with his teeth! Like he was going to pull on it or something.

He still won’t come close enough to take a treat from my human’s hand. He’s so strange!

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​ The peach kitty showed up again when I was outside, and I can’t figure out what he was thinking!
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