My Santa Barbara (Sort of) Adventure

My human’s boyfriend wanted to take her (and me!) to Santa Barbara for her birthday last month. But for various reasons, the trip was delayed until this past weekend. It was only an overnight, which was actually good because we beat the tropical storm coming back.

I was really excited to check into the Hotel Santa Barbara. It’s got a cool vintage feel, which my human liked, and it’s very pet friendly, which is a requirement for me.

The room was cozy and bright, and I started exploring right away.

The room already had all sorts of snacks and drinks, but the humans brought their own drinks and shoved the snack basket in in the closet. I guess they didn’t want to pay five dollars for a bag of potato chips.

Instead they went out and came back with five dollar coffees. My human’s boyfriend got some sort of cold drink with whipped cream on it. He gave me a little of the whipped cream. My human warned him I should just have a taste because the last thing they wanted was for me to have an upset tummy in the hotel room.

I think he put it on my nose on purpose!

The humans went out to dinner and then walked down to the beach for a while. When they came back, my human took me out for a walk around the hotel. I was anxious to go! We discovered water bowls in the lobby for pets…and a fountain! I don’t think we’re supposed to drink out of the fountain though.

I also got to hang out on some of the vintage furniture. And I made a few new friends. One of them posted an Instagram Story with me.

The next morning, the humans went to the fitness room for a while, and when they came back, I got to work out too! My human brought one of my toys for some fun and exercise.

All too soon our trip was over, and it was time to check out. I hope we can come back soon and I get to see more of Santa Barbara!

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​ The humans escaped to Santa Barbara for a short trip…and of course I came with them!
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