Familiar Faces at the Assisted Living Facilities

I knew it was going to be a good therapy cat visit at the assisted living facilities when we walked in. My human and I saw the lady who likes my high fives in the lobby. She was sitting in a wheelchair and told the receptionist she had to see my trick. So I obliged.

The moment we walked into the big room, a woman wanted to pet me. And while there weren’t that many residents today, a lot of them were happy to see us. I sat with the woman who pets me with heavy hands, and on the other side of the sofa was a sweet grandmotherly lady who enjoyed petting me too.

One lady who I saw last time was sitting on a sofa with her legs propped up on her wheelchair. She petted me much more strongly and consciously than most of the other residents. But she also needed help to get back into her wheelchair to go to the bathroom.

I also sat with a nice older gentleman who was very talkative (and much to my human’s relief, totally coherent — sometimes she doesn’t know how to respond to the people who aren’t). As we were leaving, we saw the loud gentleman who always screams out for me. He was with a staff member and not as loud today and we stopped so he could pet me. He was wearing a t-shirt with a cat on it.

As we left the first house, there was another woman in the lobby who knew me and petted me.

We saw several familiar faces at the second facility. The woman missing her chin was thrilled that I was there and so was the frail woman in the chair next to her. I showed off my high fives to a woman in a wheelchair, and sat for a very, very long time with an elderly man in a comfy chair while he petted me. No conversation for my human from this one — this visit was just between him and me.

It was a nice day.

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​ I saw lots of familiar faces at the assisted living facilities on this therapy cat visit – and they remembered me too!
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