Visiting My Favorite Residents at Assisted Living

One of my regulars was in the lobby when my human and I signed in at the assisted living facility so I knew it was going to be a good visit. And it was!

The first resident I saw in the big room was the lady who always wants high fives from me. We hadn’t seen her for a long time, so it was nice to see her there. The loud man (the one who almost had to leave the big room a couple visits ago) was there, and he was happy to pet me. He always asks if I’m a girl when he sees me.

At one point, a caregiver came in, leading one of the residents to the dining room. It was the woman who loves cats, so my human made sure the caregiver let her spend some time with me. She was so happy to see me, even if she never remembers me from visit to visit anymore.

There is a newer woman who we’ve seen the past couple of visits. She’s coherent and has conversations with my human. It’s almost like she doesn’t quite belong there. We only see the residents for a few minutes, though, so we don’t really know what they can or can’t do the rest of the time. While we were visiting with her, a man came over to visit with me too. He asked my human lots of questions about me and my life, and he only repeated questions a couple of times.

We finished up by visiting the woman we saw in the lobby. It’s the nonverbal woman who pets me with heavy hands. She’s one of the rare residents who seems to have improved since we started coming there. At first she didn’t even acknowledge our visits, but eventually she started taking notice and petting me. Today she gave me and my human a big smile. So it was a nice way to end our time there.

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​ I love when my therapy cat visits go as well as this one did!
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