Photo Session (Not Mine)

My human’s boyfriend needed some photos of himself, so he asked my human to do them. I don’t know why, since he needed professional looking shots, and my human has only photographed cats for years! I think the last time she photographed people was in the 1980s. Funny enough, he remembers her work from those days, even though they didn’t know each other at the time.

For some reason, he likes being photographed with this vintage camera. Even though he doesn’t use it. I guess it’s one of those things kitties don’t understand.

Not only did he and my human spend a lot of time setting things up in the living room, he also put on some makeup. Not like my human does, but some. Although actually she did show him a few tricks. I’m really glad kitties don’t need to go through all that work!

Finally they started taking photos…and you know I couldn’t just sit there and watch.

For some reason, I had to work really hard before my human got the hint and took some photos of me too.

After all, he may have needed photos, but I’m the one who is the pro model.

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​ My human did a photo session for her boyfriend in my living room. Did they think I wouldn’t be involved?
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