Throwback Thursday, Featuring Boodie

Since May is Boodie’s birthday month, I wanted to feature her for a Throwback Thursday. She would have been 22 this year. As it was, she had a good run and made it to nearly 20.

She was semi-feral when my human brought her home from a rescue to foster her. She doesn’t officially count as a foster fail because the main reason she wound up staying was because only one potential adopter met her, and the rescue never called for her again. So she wound up being sort of the accidental extra cat. She was very shy but my human found that she loved to play, and that helped her be more comfortable with people.

She was always a laid back cat, unlike some other unsocialized cats that tend to be nervous. That’s probably because she was at least part ragdoll, the breed known as “floppy cats.”

She was always quick to claim a cat bed anywhere she found one.

Because of her playful nature, Boodie was the only one who was able to create a painting from the cat art kit that Sparkle got as a promotion.

And Boodie remained playful her whole life. She turned out to be a fun, quirky cat who became braver as she got older. She actually wound up liking my human’s then-new boyfriend quite a bit in the last year and a half of her life.

Here are the three of them, Sparkle, Binga and Boodie, a couple of years before I was around. They did have lots of good days hanging out.

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​ May is Boodie’s birthday month, so I thought I would remember her for Throwback Thursday.
The post Throwback Thursday, Featuring Boodie appeared first on Summer’s Fabulous Cat Life. Read More 

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