Shopping Day Fun

We are going to have some busy days ahead, and my human wanted to stock up on my dinner food early. So we went off to the pet shop for a fun shopping day!

Every store I visit has different novelties. This one has lots of room for me to wander.

It also has an owner who gives me treats when I show up! And I give him high fives. I love when he is there on my shopping days.

This shop also has a generous wall of cat stuff! On the bottom are bags of cat litter. On the top are all sorts of catnip, cat toys, and some treats. There’s also a freezer with my food, and long aisles of canned cat food.

They had something new this time — these bison heart bits. I had a sample bag at another store, and they were yummy! But we hadn’t seen them anywhere since. So my human picked up a bag for me.

No, I didn’t get to have this chew disc. But it was fun to check out! They have a table with wide mouthed jars full of all sorts of dog chew things, and my human always hands over a few for me to sniff.

All too soon, it was time to check out. But I got to have some of my new treats in the car!

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​ I had lots of fun at the pet shop – who doesn’t love attention and treats?
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