Trick Practice, With an Observer

My human took me out on the back patio for some trick practice, and look who was strolling by just as we came through the door?

Yes, it was the peach kitty! Because it’s been raining, I haven’t been out much and haven’t seen him. My human has seen him on the security cam every so often, and once when she was outside with the trash. But the weather kept me from seeing any of him for a month or so.

He even gave me a slow blink. Several, in fact. My human knows he was doing it for me because she took video and could see his eyes were focused in my direction, not up at her.

My human just had me jump up on the brick planters for trick practice anyway. She figured the distraction would be another element of my training. Because yeah, he was a little bit distracting.

I did several tricks even though I knew he was back there, observing. He even came back up on the patio and relaxed, like I was giving a show or something.

Sometimes I wonder what he is thinking. It must look strange to him, a cat on a leash, doing tricks with a human for treats. When he still won’t even come near my human. Although he will come up to about 6 or 10 feet away. My human wound up giving me treats to distract me and then throwing a few his way while I was eating them.

I think he should be doing tricks too.

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​ Look who showed up when I went outside for some trick practice!
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