Cat Becomes the Center of Attention He’s Always Wanted After 7 Years Living in Crowded Space

A cat became the center of attention he’d always wanted after seven years living in a crowded space.

Captain the catCommunity Cat Club

Captain the cat was around 7-8 years old when he was brought into Community Cat Club (in South Jersey) for a chance at a better life.

“He likely lived all of his life in a hoarding situation with 20+ cats and other animals,” Sara Sharp, founder of Community Cat Club, shared with Love Meow.

After being rescued along with the rest of the animals, Captain was so patient and sweet while waiting to be transported to his foster home.

He was around 7-8 years old when he was rescued from a hoarding situationCommunity Cat Club

From the moment he walked out of the carrier, he was very friendly and docile. All he wanted was someone to cuddle. “Captain is incredibly sweet and loves everyone he meets.”

He quickly settled into his new place and felt right at home. Captain came with a sweet-natured temperament and eagerness to be loved. He was able to win over anyone with his big doe eyes and chubby cheeks.

Community Cat Club

For the first time in his life, Captain had a spacious room to himself and a large bed to nap on with his humans. He was so pleased with all the fresh and clean blankets and soft things that were available within grasp.

He adored hanging out with his foster family and basking in their affection. “He loves kisses and is loyal, gentle, funny, and a cuddly little attention seeker.”

Captain was so happy to have a room to himself and a comfy bed to nap onCommunity Cat Club

Captain would stay close to his people just in case they needed a cuddle. He was more than ready to find a place of his own, where he could be the center of attention.

A couple came across a post about Captain on social media and fell head over heels for his sweet face.

Captain is a sweet attention seekerCommunity Cat Club

They went to the adoption center to visit him and hoped that Captain would like them too.

Captain was excited to see the couple at a meet-and-greet, and he quickly made his way into their hearts. “It was definitely love at first sight. They held him and he cuddled right up into their arms. They knew he was the one,” Sara told Love Meow.

Captain has found his forever homeCommunity Cat Club

After over seven years, Captain’s dream came true when he moved into his forever home and became the center of attention that he’d always wanted.

Now, Captain trails his human parents around like their little anchor, day in and day out.

He is living like a kingCommunity Cat Club

He revels in snuggling in their arms, napping on them when they lie down, and sitting on their shoulders or backs like a regal parrot kitty.

The sweet boy is thriving as the feline supervisor in the household, making sure that his people are never alone.

Community Cat Club

Just a few months ago, Captain was sharing a crowded space with over 20 other animals. Now, he is living like a king in his own kingdom with the family of his dreams.

He has many many soft things to snuggle withCommunity Cat Club

“He is doing great and is so loved already. We are so happy for Captain and his new family.”

Happy and lovedCommunity Cat Club

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