Kitten Frozen to the Ground Just Wanted to Be Snuggled When Found, Chirps Nonstop Now in Warmth

A kitten who was frozen to the ground, just wanted to be snuggled when he was found. Now, he chirps nonstop in warmth.

Chance the kittenEmilie @emiliexfosters

During the bitter cold in WI a few weeks ago, a kitten was frozen to the ground, desperately needing help. A Good Samaritan found him just in time and brought him inside.

Emilie, a local animal rescuer, saw a plea for help for the kitten and sprang into action. “He has severe frostbite to his back paws and toes as well as some type of trauma that left his tail damaged beyond repair,” Emilie shared.

“We were able to get him into the vet right away.”

Chance was found frozen to the ground and brought inside by a Good SamaritanEmilie @emiliexfosters

Despite it all, the kitten named Chance just wanted to be snuggled. He was so happy to be warm and indoors, and thankful to the veterinary team as they tended to him.

He rubbed his face against people and reached for all the head scritches he could get.

Emilie learned about his plight and rushed him to the vetEmilie @emiliexfosters

The vet confirmed the injuries on his tail and paws, and Chance had to undergo surgery. He came out a few toes less, with a little nub tail, but he gained a new lease on life.

Chance regained his appetite after surgery and wolfed down a full bowl of food.

Chance was very friendly and just wanted to be snuggledEmilie @emiliexfosters

At just six months old, Chance has fought the harshest elements, in sub-zero temperatures, yet he continues to love life and is always eager for affection.

“He is just the sweetest little guy. He’s safe now, and will never have to face another brutal winter.”

Chance wore a soft cone after surgeryEmilie @emiliexfosters

Emilie is enamored by Chance’s endearing chirpy meows. The kitten turned out to be quite the talker. He trills and chirps his way into getting whatever he wants.

He gleefully greets his foster mom every morning when he sees her, and is always ready for some head scritches.

He is always ready for some head scritchesEmilie @emiliexfosters

He chirps like a tweety bird whenever he’s petted, and he trills with gusto when he’s cleaned up a full plate of food.

Chance amps up the volume when he intensifies his demands. Sometimes, he gives a meow-chirp combo as he plops down on his side, urging for belly rubs.

Chance loves to chirp and meowEmilie @emiliexfosters

Needless to say, Chance is a full-fledged love-bug with a teddy bear personality.

Chance has befriended the resident cat Lua, and is pleased to have a buddy to keep him company. Despite being greeted with a few swats initially, Chance is unfazed and continues to play and enjoy her presence.

He has befriended Lua the cat and enjoys her companyEmilie @emiliexfosters

“Objectively speaking, Chance is the best cat I’ve ever met in my whole life,” Emilie added.

To ensure Chance’s full recovery, Emilie is consulting an orthopedic specialist to find the best course of treatment for the deserving boy.

Chance likes to be kissed by the sun and petted by his peopleEmilie @emiliexfosters

Chance adores sunbathing while getting doted on by his foster mom. He fills the room with his sweet chirps and rolls around on the floor in pure bliss.

He now sports a little bunny tailEmilie @emiliexfosters

“He will never have to fight for survival in sub-zero temperatures ever again,” Emilie shared. “His belly will always be full, and he will know nothing but love.”

Emilie @emiliexfosters

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