Kitten Was Outside House Seeking Help, Ended Up with a Cat Teaching Him Everything

A kitten was found outside a house seeking help. He ended up with a cat who taught him everything.

Mr. Beesley and Bibby@bibby_the_kitty

When Kayla, a staff member of Salem Friends of Felines, met an orange and white kitten at the shelter, she was completely smitten as he reminded her of her cat.

The kitten was found limping with a broken leg outside a house. They couldn’t save the injured limb, but the kitten gained a new lease on life. He perked up after his surgery and quickly acclimated to living with three paws.

While he was healing, he was on a mission to find someone to love.


When the kitten saw Kayla again a week later, he was immediately snuggly and wanted to accompany her at her desk. He made his way onto her lap and into her heart.

He spent nearly the entire day with Kayla despite having other people around. Kayla was debating on adopting him just the day before, but the kitten seemed to have made his choice.


Kayla welcomed him into his new home and named him Bibby. Her cat, Mr. Beesley, was excited to meet him. Mr. B is a bit wobbly when he walks due to cerebellar hypoplasia, but he is a happy-go-lucky boy.

Kayla slowly introduced the two by letting them sniff each other through the door. A few days later, they had their official meet-and-greet.

It was love at first sight@bibby_the_kitty

Bibby hopped out of his carrier and Mr. B was right there to nose-boop him. After a big stretch, Bibby sauntered up to his new friend and gave him a hearty head bump.

Needless to say, it was love at first sight for both of them.


“They did so well together. Beesley loved to play with Bibby so much that he wouldn’t let him leave or take a break,” Kayla shared with Love Meow.

From that day on, Mr. B wanted to be wherever the kitten was, watching over him like a big brother. He’d come running whenever Bibby wanted to play or needed a cuddle. “It’s so cute to see him just watch Bibby and purr.”


Mr. B shared his favorite wand toy with the kitten and showed him how to play. He flew across the room chasing the toy with his unbridled energy. His wobbliness didn’t slow him down at all.

Bibby followed in his paw steps and started playing while Mr. B paused to take a breather. They would rotate to play with the toy until both of them were tuckered out together in a cuddle-puddle.


Mr. B took Bibby to his favorite feline entertainment spot – the big window. Now, they spend ample time by the window during the day and watch TV together at night.

They enjoy hanging out by the window, watching the day go by@bibby_the_kitty

Bibby has blossomed into a fluffy young cat. He looks up to Mr. B and tags along with him like his little protege.

Mr. B likes to wrap his arms around Bibby and give him a bath before they fall soundly asleep together.


Bibby has his own food bowl but often sneaks a snack from Mr. B’s. He wants to be a part of everything his buddy is doing.

They follow each other around the house@bibby_the_kitty

One has a wobbly gait while the other has three legs. They both absolutely love life, adore each other, and live each day to the fullest.

Best of friends@bibby_the_kitty

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