A Ton of Tongues

Remember my post about cat superpowers the other day? My human wanted to get a photo of me touching my nose with my tongue. And she did, eventually. But there were mistakes along the way. A lot of mistakes!

To get the photo, my human put some cat treat gel on my nose, and then snapped as many photos as she could while I licked it off.

Getting the photo was a matter of a) timing, b) getting a photo that was in focus, and c) taking as many photos as possible. Actually that is a pro photographer tip: take lots and lots of photos. And that was definitely necessary here!

She also wanted me facing the camera. Which was easier said than accomplished.

In spite of appearances, I never got bored of this part of the photo session. Because treats.

There were at least twice as many tongue bloopers as you see here. But these are the best ones.

In case you are wondering what treats we used for these photos, it’s these. It’s an Amazon affiliate link, so we’ll get a small commission if you click on the link and make a purchase. They are pretty tasty!

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​ This is probably the most fun I’ve ever had making a bunch of blooper pics!
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