My New iPhone Photo Session (With Bonus Friend)

After years of dragging her feet, my human finally got a new iPhone. And since she does so much work on her phone, she sprung for the iPhone 14 Pro Max. We need the longer battery life for shooting live video and spending all day at cat shows. And the Pro has an awesome camera. As you might have figured out, my human is something of a camera and photo accessory junkie.

The main difference in the camera between the regular iPhone 14 and the 14 Pro models is the Pro has a telephoto lens, giving it a 3x optical zoom, and a 15x digital zoom. The regular 14 only has 5x digital zoom. Plus you are able to shoot 48 megapixel raw shots with the Pro (although that gets into a photographer geek area most of you don’t care about).

You’ll see how useful the zoom is in a minute, but there is also a wide angle feature that captures even more than my human’s regular camera! My human used it, and wound up having to crop her knees out of the photo because the lens was that wide!

The optical zoom works really well for portraits of me. My human has always disliked the iPhone portrait setting because it doesn’t look natural to her, like a photo with an actual camera would. Using the zoom function makes for a more flattering portrait than just going in close with a static lens.

My human still likes her regular camera better since she can control more of the functions. But the iPhone does one thing well that her camera doesn’t — it takes sharp photos of me sitting up! Like, literally, she took several sitting up photos of me in a row and they all came out in focus.

And in the middle of our practice photo session, look who showed up! The peach kitty. And this is where that zoom function came in really handy.

This is how far away from us he actually was. My human was able to take some good photos of him without him even knowing.

Once he shows up, he usually sticks around for a long time and watches us. From a safe distance.

He kept distracting me and my human had already gotten a bunch of photos, so she said it was time to go inside. Because I am a good kitty, I immediately headed for the door when she told me to.

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​ My human got a new iPhone and we did an outside practice shoot. And a familiar face showed up!
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