Blind Cats Accept Kitten Abandoned on Road as Their Own, So She Never Feels Alone

Blind cats accepted an abandoned kitten as their own, so she would never feel alone.

Best Friends Felines

A Good Samaritan spotted a kitten abandoned in the middle of the road. She was able to save the tabby by slowing down the oncoming traffic.

The kitten was taken to the vet where they discovered that her left hind leg was broken, and she was treated for a wounded front paw. Knowing that she would need a foster home for recovery, they reached out to their local rescue for assistance.

“The vet clinic contacted us asking for help with this adorable little lady we have named Sloane,” Best Friends Felines shared.

Sloane the kittenBest Friends Felines

Sloane perked up the next day, regaining some use of her front paw. She immediately put her newfound strength to good use, charming the veterinary staff that cared for her.

Her purr motor was running nonstop while she was chirping for attention and head scritches. Despite having a completely limp back leg, Sloane figured out how to use a shallow litter tray on her own.

Best Friends Felines

She began her recovery in a comfortable environment, being looked after by a dedicated volunteer.

“She has certainly made an impression on our hearts. She is super sweet, has the loudest purr, is remarkably resilient, and absolutely stunning – she is total perfection,” Kerry, the foster mom, shared.

Best Friends Felines

A couple of weeks later, the kitten was introduced to the resident cats, Miley (orange) and Pearl (seal point). The two are blind cats who were rescued as a pair and found their happily-ever-after with Kerry and her family.

They took the little newcomer under their wings as if they knew just what she needed.

Sloane and MileyBest Friends Felines

Sloane was encouraged to move around more by watching and imitating her feline friends. They taught her how to climb the cat tree, and showed her that “there is nothing you can’t do despite your disabilities.”

“She continues to become more mobile and more confident – she is still climbing to the top of the cat tree, but she can actually get down herself now.”

Sloane and PearlBest Friends Felines

“She does her own kind of parkour to get up and down, and it’s fascinating to watch how she manages with just the three working legs.”

Sloane has figured out a way to run with her non-functional leg hoisted up on the side, and she doesn’t let anything slow her down.

Best Friends Felines

When her front paw regained most of its mobility, they noticed a breakthrough – Sloane started using her limp back leg and putting weight on it.

“We did not expect this improvement but we couldn’t be more excited.”

Best Friends Felines

Around that time, Kerry had taken two additional blind kittens into her care, and one of them became fast friends with Sloane. The orange tabby, Amigo, was instantly smitten with Sloane, and they started hanging out with each other every day.

“She is loving life, loving her friend (Amigo), and just being generally awesome and adorably cute.”

Amigo and SloaneBest Friends Felines

The rescue hopes that, with time, her leg will continue to improve, and they will do whatever it takes to ensure the best quality of life for Sloane.

Best Friends Felines

Despite a rough start, Sloane has never stopped trusting and loving. Now, she gets to journey through her recovery with loving people and cat friends that understand her.

Best Friends Felines

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