Kitten Follows Cat Everywhere Trying to Keep Up After Their Lives Have Been Turned Around

A kitten follows her cat mother everywhere, trying to keep up, after their lives have been turned around.

Hatty the cat and Harriet the kittenHeidi @fosterkittenmama

A scrawny tabby cat was rescued from a hoarding situation along with her only kitten. Heidi Shoemaker of Foster Kitten Mama (in CO) was asked if she could help the mother and daughter duo.

“Of course, I said ‘yes’. (Their previous owners) had way too many animals and no means to feed and care for them,” Heidi shared with Love Meow.

The first few days were very challenging, as the cat mom, Hatty, showed no interest in being with her baby or caring for her. At one week old, the kitten, Harriet, was constantly seeking her mom.

Heidi @fosterkittenmama

“Hatty seemed to be going into heat. She wanted nothing to do with Harriet. I put them in the most calm spot, and supplemented Harriet with kitten formula.”

Heidi worked tirelessly around the clock to ensure that the kitten was fed, warm and loved. Slowly but surely, Hatty began to calm down, and her maternal instinct returned.

Heidi @fosterkittenmama

“I literally cried from relief when I first saw her nursing on the camera that I keep in with them,” Heidi told Love Meow.

Hatty joined her baby in the heated nest and gave her a thorough bath. She then lay down on her side to let little Harriet nurse for the first time in foster care.

Hatty cuddled with her kitten for the first time in foster careHeidi @fosterkittenmama

The next day, Heidi stayed with the cat mom to keep her calm and encouraged. “I had to pet and scratch Hatty under the neck and ears, and she stayed (with her baby). Harriet got a full bath and help from mama to potty.”

Within a few days, Hatty was back to doting on her kitten and catering to her whims. Harriet was over the moon to be able to nuzzle into her mom’s belly.

Heidi @fosterkittenmama

The kitten would fall asleep mid nursing and cling to her mom the whole time. “The sweet baby is blissfully happy having her mama back.”

Hatty had a lot of filling out to do while trying to keep her baby in tiptop shape. Heidi continued providing supplemental feedings to take a load off the cat mother.

Hatty watched little Harriet as she was sound asleepHeidi @fosterkittenmama

With newfound strength, Harriet began using her legs to move around more. She was brave, curious, and had a cute little purr motor. Her eyes were wide open and her ears started to unfold.

“Her little meow and Mama’s little trills are adorable.”

Heidi @fosterkittenmama

“Hatty loves her baby, cuddles with her, and does everything she should. Harriet loves her mama so much and follows her around, trying to keep up,” Heidi told Love Meow.

Heidi @fosterkittenmama

When Hatty steps away to get some treats, Harriet will come wobbling behind, trying to stay close to her mom at all times.

“Hatty is very young, so as Harriet grows, I think they will be perfect companions.”

Hatty and her little mini-meHeidi @fosterkittenmama

Harriet is four weeks old now. She is honing her walk and exploring the world around her. Her mom is always nearby, watching over her.

“As long as they stay close like this, my plan is for them to be adopted together when the time comes.”

Heidi @fosterkittenmama

The sweet kitten continues to be her mama’s little shadow, sticking by her wherever she goes.

Heidi @fosterkittenmama

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