My Crazy Celebrity Cat Show Weekend

This weekend was the craziest cat show I’ve ever been to! I think people were dying to come because this was the first time they’ve held it since 2020. First Covid made it impossible, then they couldn’t organize this huge show in time for 2022, because everything was still getting back to some sort of normal. In any case it was super packed! People were lined up almost into the parking lot to get in.

A lot of people came to see me. Like, I mean a lot! It was kind of overwhelming. My human had to restrict access to me! She set up a schedule where I came out every hour for about 15 or 20 minutes to visit. Then I went back into my enclosure and she covered me up. She even locked me up and left until my next appearance so people couldn’t try to see me earlier. It actually worked out well and was a lot less stressful for me. (For her too, because she stresses out about how not to stress me out.)

Back at the hotel, we went for a walk in the corridors and lobby, which is one of my favorite things to do when I’m out of town. We stopped by the business center for a few minutes.

We checked out the next morning, and my human loaded everything onto a luggage cart, something she doesn’t do very often. She even put my carrier on it.

My human thought things might be calmer for the show’s second day, but if anything, it got even crazier. All these people lined up to see me! It was impossible to see them all in just 20 minutes. My human finally had to tell people to come back in an hour so I could relax. And they did!

Some of my favorite parts were visiting with the kids, and my human made sure I was able to see all of them.

The other fun part happened late in the day. I got restless, hanging out in my enclosure for so much of the day, so my human put the leash on me and took me for a walk. The booth near us, YoPetMax, had some cool outfits, and my human wanted to see if any of them fit me. But at first, one of the vendor humans thought I might like to try out one of those big wheels you see cats running on sometimes. They had a few, and even though we went slowly, I really didn’t care much for this. So we went over to the dresses, and my human found one that fit. I was immediately happy! She set me on a table and I was immediately surrounded by people taking photos! I was totally in my element.

I was such a big hit that they gave me a second dress for an Instagram mention. My human got a couple of things from them earlier also, and I’ll be modeling them later in the week.

That was an exhausting weekend! But even if it takes my human a day or so to recover, I’m sure I’ll be back to normal Monday.

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​ The cat show this weekend was insane! I’ve never seen so many people who wanted to visit with me!
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