2 Kittens Decide to Trust After Being Rescued, They Even Accept a Lone Kitten from the Street

A pair of kittens decided to trust after being rescued. They even accepted a lone kitten from the street.

Cinnamon and NutmegLaila @rescueforwinston

Two very timid kittens were brought into the Winston Memorial Foundation (in Kuwait) when their owners could no longer afford their care.

The brown tabby was especially frightened and would hiss, spit, and squeeze herself in any nook and cranny to hide.

“They weren’t socialized and were quite spicy but slowly warmed up in their new foster home with time,” Laila D’Souza, founder of the rescue, shared with Love Meow.

Cinnamon was very hissy and scared when she arrivedLaila @rescueforwinston

Laila placed a smidgen of food on her fingers and offered it to the shyer kitten, Cinnamon, trying to win her over.

Cinnamon was very fearful and wanted to resist the offering but found herself slowly drawn to the smell of the food. Once she got a taste of it, she began lapping it off of Laila’s hand.

She slowly started to warm up to her peopleLaila @rescueforwinston

She gave in and started chomping on the food as if she hadn’t eaten in days. With bountiful sustenance and the comfort of their nest, both kittens came out of their shells and acclimated to their new environment.

In just a few days, they transformed into affectionate, confident snuggle-bugs.

A few days later, they turned into cuddly lap kittensLaila @rescueforwinston

Cinnamon the once scaredy cat turned into a chatty attention-seeker. She is now the first to come up to her people and demand their pets and snuggles. Her brother, Nutmeg, gladly follows suit.

Just a few weeks prior, Laila received a message about a smokey grey kitten who had been found wandering on a busy street. He was just skin and bones at 4-5 weeks old. The kitten was in desperate need of rescue and Laila couldn’t say no.

Edward the kittenLaila @rescueforwinston

Despite everything he’d gone through, the kitten named Edward instantly melted when Laila gave him some chin scratches. He was so grateful to be indoors, and his personality quickly emerged.

Watch the kittens in this cute video:

“He would pounce on my lap before getting his zoomies. He got so lonely when I was not around, and meowed constantly.”

Edward desperately needed company, and Laila knew just the perfect duo to introduce him to.

He was rescued from busy traffic and so happy to be indoorsLaila @rescueforwinston

“When he met Cinnamon and Nutmeg, he was so happy to finally have friends to chase around and play with. He felt less alone and loved being around them,” Laila told Love Meow.

Cinnamon and Nutmeg were equally excited about having a new brother. They accepted him right away, and the three of them started playing and romping around the room as if Edward had always been part of the gang.

It was love at first sight when Edward met his new friendsLaila @rescueforwinston

The kittens are major squeakers and purr machines. Their room constantly percolates with rumbling purrs and chirpy meows.

“From being hissy to melting in my hands, Cinnamon is such a sweet loving girl and has the cutest little chirps. They’re doing so much better now, being endlessly spoiled,” Laila shared.

Laila @rescueforwinston

The trio will soon be on their way to the US where a partner rescue with EmiliexFosters will help them find their forever homes.

“Little Edward isn’t so little any more. His coat has changed (into a darker shade) and his personality bloomed.”

Laila @rescueforwinston

With a second chance at life, these kittens are thriving and enjoying each day to the fullest. They are curious about whatever their people are doing and can’t get enough of their attention.

Laila @rescueforwinston

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