Cat Show Sweater Weather

I have a cat show in Ontario (California) this weekend, and it’s going to be rainy and cold. So I’m picking out all sweaters for my wardrobe. (If this were Ontario, Canada, it would be all parkas!) Let’s see what I have.

Do you remember this sweater I modeled a while back? I haven’t worn it out anywhere yet. Maybe I should bring it!

This hoodie is a little too small, and the snaps are difficult to unsnap. I think it should be a pass.

This is one of my favorite sweater dresses, and I haven’t worn it yet this season! And I think it makes a perfect Valentine’s Day themed dress. So I may be wearing this a little later too.

This sweater is adorable, but it’s too small. I’ve had it for years. My human has a rule that anything I bring to a show should be very comfortable, since I’ll be wearing it for more than just a minute or two. So unfortunately, this isn’t coming to the show.

I haven’t worn this sweater in forever! So I’m bringing it.

Okay, I think I’ve got my cat show wardrobe squared away! Just a few accessories, and it’s ready to pack up!

Which of these sweaters are your favorite? Let me know in the comments.

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​ It’s going to be cold and rainy this weekend, so I’m picking out sweaters for my upcoming cat show wardrobe!
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