How to Tell What Breed Your Cat Is (and Does It Matter?)

A lot of people want to know what breed their cat is. But the truth is there is only one guaranteed way to know, and it’s 100% accurate. Just answer this single question:

1. Does your cat have a pedigree?

If the answer is yes, then your cat is whatever breed their pedigree is. If the answer is no, you have a domestic shorthaired or longhaired cat.

What people don’t realize is that cats are not like dogs when it comes to breed types. About 34% of dogs come from breeders, and lots of “oopsies” and breed crosses happen. Only 3% of cats are breed cats. And the majority of ethical cat breeders have their kittens spayed and neutered before they go to homes as pets. So the gene pool for cat breeds is tiny!

Any breed your cat might have been is so far back in their ancestry that it matters even less than the ancestry of people whose great-great-great-great grandparents came to the U.S. in the 1800s. By now, all their descendants are 100% American. Considering how much shorter cat lives are compared to humans, it may matter even less. Ninety-seven percent of cats in homes are housecats, pure and simple. Just like the humans living in the United States are American, no matter where their ancestors came from.

But trying to determine your cat’s breed ancestry is really missing the point of cats anyhow. And that is that all cats are amazing, unique, and often quirky beings. Cats don’t need papers or purebred parents to stand out and shine. Dog people may feel a need for breed bragging rights. A lot of the best cats were found near garbage bins, or possibly inside of them.

Unfortunately, breed cats are a bit over-represented in social media. Really! Look at Instagram or TikTok, and you’d think that most cats are either breed cats or special needs. Which only shows the warped view these platforms offer. The truth is that the cat world is much more heterogeneous and wonderful than what you see on your phone.

The other cat in my human’s life that was special to her was a longhaired calico she found on the streets. Harlot was the diametric opposite of me — feisty, hot-tempered, street-wise and a fierce and fearless hunter. But she was no less devoted to my human than I am.

My human didn’t care what breed she was…and honestly, she doesn’t care what breed I am either, although she happens to love Somalis. She loves me for who I am. And as everyone with a cat knows, that is the only thing that really matters.

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