CatsEssentials Modern Cat Furniture – The Veneto Collection

CatsEssentials is a pioneer modern cat furniture company that offers organic products mirroring luxurious human designs on a smaller scale. We’re delighted to introduce their Veneto Collection which takes cat furniture to a whole new level through innovative design. It features miniature versions of real human furniture that have been adapted to suit the needs of cats. How cool is that!

The Veneto is a well-curated collection of modern cat beds and cat sofas designed with the well-being of cats in mind. Every bed is fully upholstered and made to last for years.

The Veneto Collection is named after a northeastern region of Italy that offers breathtaking views and is home to the majestic Venetian Villas, the spellbinding vineyards of the Prosecco country, the historic cities of Treviso and Verona, and the magnificent Dolomite Mountains.

This collection was inspired by the beauty of Veneto and by contemporary Italian furniture—minimalist in style, with clean lines, geometric details, and neutral shades. The pieces bear hints of accent colors, such as magenta and baby blue, that add a touch of fun. Their functional designs and all-natural materials make them ideal for cat lovers who also love mother earth. Each piece of furniture in the collection carries the name of a city in the Veneto region and is a reflection of its sheer beauty, timelessness, and high quality of life. Let’s meet the trio…

The Venezia

This modern minimalistic cat bed reflects the spirit of Venezia, the world-renowned floating city known for its preference for peace over conflict and disputes. It has plenty of room to accommodate large cats and a low profile, so even senior cats or small kittens can easily climb inside and relax in utmost comfort.

The Verona

Named after the city where “Romeo and Juliet” was set, Verona is a stylish round cat bed influenced by the iconic open-air Roman Amphitheater. This luxury cat bed is fully upholstered and is ergonomically designed to follow the contours of a cat when they’re curled up. It features a beautifully tufted headboard that is both elegant and functional, doubling as a soft and protective layer that helps cushion your cat’s heads.

The Treviso

Known for its understated elegance, the town of Treviso serves as the inspiration for this contemporary cat sofa. As homage to the town’s fashion and interior designers and their minimalistic and functional style, the Treviso cat sofa features a structured feel, with minimal lines and strong elements.

Cats will love the comfort they bring, and cat parents will be pleased with the way the pieces can easily match their own furniture. Imagine pampering your precious feline with modern cat furniture that’s worthy of a page on House Beautiful. 

Please note: For Spoiled Cats Only _^.^_

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The post CatsEssentials Modern Cat Furniture – The Veneto Collection first appeared on The Purrington Post.

The post CatsEssentials Modern Cat Furniture – The Veneto Collection appeared first on The Purrington Post.

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