Cat Discovered in a Crate Outside with Handwritten Note, Days Later She Brings Kittens into the World

A cat was discovered in a crate outside with a handwritten note. A few days later, she brought six kittens into the world.

Liberty Belle and her kittensEllenRichter

A week ago, volunteers from Homeward Bound Cat Adoptions found a small crate left at their adoption center and were shocked to discover what was inside.

A shy tabby cat huddled in a corner, sitting on a wet towel soaked in urine. She was terrified yet purring as the volunteers took her in and tended to her needs.

“We had no idea how long she had been in the crate, but thankfully, she didn’t spend long outside our center before we found her,” the rescue shared.

She was found in a crate in front of the adoption center of Homeward Bound Cat AdoptionsEllenRichter

Attached to the crate was a handwritten note with a heartbreaking message.

“The note read, ‘My mom can’t care for me. Please take care of me. I promise I’m a good cat!’ Our hearts broke, so with no other option, we took her in.”

Taped to the crate was a handwritten noteEllenRichter

They examined and cleaned up the cat, making her as comfortable as possible. “The good news was she appeared healthy. However, she was very pregnant.”

Ellen Richter, an experienced carer for the rescue, immediately offered to foster the expectant mother, knowing she was due any day. Since the cat was rescued right before the 4th of July, she was lovingly named Liberty Belle.

Liberty Belle arrived at her foster homeEllenRichter

After exploring her new room, Liberty brushed against Ellen’s legs as if to “thank” her for taking her in. Before long, she nestled comfortably on a soft blanket and fell fast sleep, catching some much-needed shuteye.

Liberty quickly settled in, rolling around and showing off her round belly.

She was pleased with her new bed filled with blanketsEllenRichter

Her purr motor continued to rumble and had only gotten louder, and her paws never stopped kneading (baking) away while she lay cozily on her bed.

She was very pleased with the all-you-can-eat buffet, a spacious box, and a loving human to cater to her every whim.

She gave birth to six healthy kittensEllenRichter

Two days ago, Ellen walked into the room to find the mama-to-be counting down the minutes, rearranging the blankets around the nest. It was go time. With her foster mom by her side, Liberty welcomed six kittens into the world.

“It’s been a long evening, but I’m thankful she’s done. This will be the last litter she will have to go through,” Ellen shared.

She is very loving and protective of her kittensEllenRichter

Liberty immediately took on mommy duties, feeding six hungry mouths and keeping the kittens clean from head to tail. She never left their side, so Ellen brought her food in bed, and she devoured two full plates in one sitting.

She is very protective and doesn’t allow anyone to touch her babies, but she can’t refuse a nice petting on her back.


Mama Liberty looks content and serene, gazing at her pile of sleeping kittens, stretching her paws, and rumbling soothingly.

She’s devoted 24/7 to raising her litter of six, ensuring their bellies are always full and coats immaculately clean.


“She’s been an amazing mom and is taking care of her six littles like a pro.”

Thanks to the volunteers, Liberty Belle and her babies are in good hands. Soon, the kittens will open their eyes, unleashing their curiosity to explore the world around them.


Liberty will never have to worry about caring for another litter.

Once her kittens are old enough to spread their wings and fly, she can focus on herself with a family that will love and cherish her for life.


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