A Good Therapy Cat Visit With Lots of Kids

I had a good therapy cat visit at the children’s hospital. I spent a lot of time in the lobby, starting with the arts and crafts table. There were a couple of children in wheelchairs who loved seeing me. My human sat me on a chair next to one of them so she could pet me while she told us about her cat at home. The other girl had hands that were bent at odd angles, so my human made sure she got to pet me in the best way she could.

Even though most of the kids waiting for visits were buried in their phones, lots of them stopped what they were doing to pet me. One of them was a teen boy. Some of the older boys act like they couldn’t care less, so it’s always nice to see the ones who are authentic and kind.

Our visits to the exam rooms were pretty quick this time around. Often when we’re visiting, it’s while the patients are waiting to see a doctor or nurse. But this time, most of them already had someone there with them. So while the staff was happy to see me, and even knew me by name, I didn’t want to take up too much of the time they had with the patients.

One kid that did have some time happened to be a toddler that was way too excited to see me! But even though she squealed as loudly as she could was very grabby, both my human and I remained calm. The toddler’s mom encouraged her to be gentle and she calmed down just enough to get in a couple of nice pets. A couple of staff members showed up with a bag of gifts for her just as we were leaving. It turned out the next day was her birthday.

We took our time going back through the lobby to see more kids. One girl with an injured leg had a knee scooter and rolled over to sit with her family. I visited with them, and even gave her brother a high five.

I had some fun visiting in rehab too. A little girl paused her PT to pet me, and as she squatted down, her therapist adjusted her ankles. The other patient was a little boy who was happy to see me. But we could only visit with him briefly since his appointment was almost over.

While we were there, it didn’t seem like much. We even finished a few minutes earlier than usual. But looking back, we really got in a lot of visits.

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