Two Stray Cats Have Been with Each Other for Years Finally Experience Home Together for the First Time

Two stray cats who have been with each other for years finally experience home together for the first time.

Voltaire and ChambertainChatonsOrphelinsMontreal

For at least two years, residents of a neighborhood noticed two stray cats, a brown and an orange, wandering around together, wary of anyone who tried to approach them.

A couple started leaving food out for them, observing their routine, and attempting to build trust. Despite their efforts, the pair remained cautious and kept their distance.

One day, Julie, an animal rescuer, came across the brown cat and was struck by his poor condition. His coat was severely matted and wouldn’t protect him from the harsh weather.


Determined to help, she took it upon herself to rescue the cat. As she knocked on doors, talking to neighbors, she discovered the couple who had been feeding the brown cat and learned about his feline companion.

Once she realized they were inseparable, she changed her plan to save them together.


Julie and a fellow rescuer, Micheline, safely captured both cats with the help of a humane trap and food. Denis and Louise settled them into a quiet room in their home.

“Denis and Louise secured them indoors and paid for their first veterinary care. During the vet visit, they were surprised to see how tolerant the cats were with the exam, and the tabby was calm while getting the knots on his back shaved off,” Chatons Orphelins Montreal shared.


They discovered that the brown tabby, Chambertain, had once been a house cat until he somehow escaped. When he was found, his previous family no longer wanted him.

“After enduring the streets alone for a while, he met the orange cat, Voltaire, and they quickly became friends. They followed each other everywhere.”

After years of wandering the streets, they were finally safeChatonsOrphelinsMontreal

“They could finally sleep in a warm place and eat as much as they ever wanted.”

Determined to give the cats the best life possible, the rescuers reached out to the team at Chatons Orphelins Montreal, who warmly took them in, offering them the care and support they needed.


“They are extremely bonded and will always stick together. They take solace from each other, and it’s beautiful to see.”

With good food and proper care, their fur has become soft and gleaming. They have been treated for a few health issues and are finally in good shape.


Throughout the day, two best friends greet each other with affectionate face rubs and body hugs. They walk and lie down together, always side by side. “The bond they share is heartwarming. They depend on each other, rarely apart.”

Chambertain and Voltaire are gentle and calm by nature. They enjoy this new life, where they can lounge about all day without the worries of tomorrow.

They give each other affectionate face rubsChatonsOrphelinsMontreal

“If you look for one, the other is always nearby. When we brush one cat, his buddy sits beside him, waiting for his turn.”

Both cats have warmed up to their foster family and become fond of their new indoor life. Voltaire enjoys being cuddled and has flourished into a purr machine.

They are always together, never far from each otherChatonsOrphelinsMontreal

“He loves taking a nap in the sun and demands attention. He’s come out of his shell and realized humans can be kind and caring.”

“Chambertain spends long hours napping, but the moment you bring out a toy, his playful side comes out. He loves being brushed and rolls on his side, asking for more.”


“He is protective of Voltaire and does not like to be separated from him. When his best friend is at the vet’s, he’ll wait for him until he returns.”

Having survived the streets together, they remain deeply bonded, now embarking on new adventures in the safety and comfort of their indoor home.

Happy and lovedChatonsOrphelinsMontreal

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