Random Funny Photos

It’s time for outtakes! Other than several tongue-out shots, it’s a pretty random bunch. In case you are wondering, no you never saw this outfit on my Christmas decor post. That’s because in every photo I looked like the grouchiest elf ever.

Honestly, I wasn’t all that fond of any of my human’s wardrobe picks for this shoot. She wanted to use some things I either hadn’t tried on yet, or hadn’t worn in a while. As you can see, there was a reason for that! And you can tell from videos, I know when I look good in something.

Ha! And I bet you thought I’d used all the photos of me standing up from this session. Nope, there were leftovers.

When I am modeling clothes I feel good in, often there aren’t many outtakes! But my human did have a problem with my princess dress session — when she wanted me to look at the camera from the side or back, often I’d just totally turn around. Looking over the shoulder is actually a really hard pose for kitties to do. The fact that I can do it at all is pretty impressive. If you ask me.

Another tongue-out shot, which not surprisingly, was in the cat treat section of the pet shop.

And I’m finishing this week’s outtakes with the tiniest of tongue slivers.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s funny photos! If you have a favorite, let me know in the comments.

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​ It’s time for my weekly outtakes! Here’s the kind of silliness I was up to this week.
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