Kittens Arrived in a Bucket as a Huddled Mass, in a Few Weeks, Turned into the Most Joyful Cats

Four kittens arrived in a bucket as a huddled mass. In just a few weeks, they flourished into the most joyful young cats.


Four newborn kittens were found outside after a storm. Their cat mom never returned for them. The finder took them in and attempted to care for them, but realized he was in over his head.

He sought help on social media in the hopes of finding an experienced carer for the kittens. Jen who fosters for Wrenn Rescues, immediately offered to take them.

The four arrived in a bucket as a huddled mass. “They were so tiny when they got here, only two days old and about 90 grams,” Jen shared with Love Meow.

They were found outside after a storm with no mom@jenfosterskittens

The hungry kittens latched onto their bottle and started chugging away. With their bellies full and bodies cleaned, they nestled in a cozy incubator, finding solace in its warm, comforting embrace.

“They were great eaters and that is always a big sigh of relief. They kept eating and gaining weight, so I was able to relax a bit.”

The finder placed the kittens in a bucket while looking for help@jenfosterskittens

Sleet, the sole tabby, was a love-bug, purring and wriggling with delight when he was held. His sister, Frost, was so laid-back that she plopped down on her side after letting go of her bottle, surrendering to the post-meal bliss.

Blizzard was a force of nature, loud and active, barreling through his littermates. Ice joined her siblings on their playful jaunts and groomed them along the way.

They were clean, fed, nestling comfortably in an incubator at their foster home@jenfosterskittens

Once they graduated into a spacious playpen, they were drawn to new toys and started tackling the litter box. As they grew at an astonishing pace, their personalities emerged, each one a unique gem waiting to be discovered.

“They are one of the most loving groups I have ever fostered. They are playful, but they get distracted from playing because they want cuddles,” Jen added.


“Blizzard likes to be in my face and is very vocal. Ice will lick my face all day long if I let her. Sleet is full of energy and likes to sit on my shoulder. Frost wants love, but she hangs back and waits her turn.”

As the only tabby in the clowder, Sleet knows how to make his presence known.


He’s full of life and joy, and has a bit of that Siamese chattiness. He wants to be close to his people, his purr a constant rhythm of contentment.

“He also has a little adventurous side and loves to run around. He plays hard, loves hard, cuddles hard, and purrs hard. He is pretty much all in, all the time.”


“It is so fun to watch these babies grow and see all their personalities develop. When I come in the room, they stop playing and run over to me and are on top of me the second I sit down.”

Sleet, Blizzard, Ice, Frost@jenfosterskittens

“Ice is the groomer of the group, and she likes to wash my face for me. Blizzard likes to get as close as possible and will lay on my chest and try to climb up my nose.

“Frost is the patient one, but she would love nothing more than for me to hold her all day.”


“Sleet is a little more of a wild child and class clown. He runs around and is very possessive of the wand toy, and then he will hop on my shoulder or chest and purr and fall asleep.”

The litter of four turned 11 weeks old today.

Frost, Blizzard, Ice@jenfosterskittens

The sweet quartet has mastered face rubs, each kitten equipped with a strong purr motor. The concept of personal space doesn’t exist, as they leap and prance upon their people the moment they enter their sight.


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