Cat Taken Out of Kennel with Kittens and Given Safe Place, She Truly Transformed with a Few Months of Change

A cat was taken out of the kennel with her kittens and given a safe place. She truly transformed with just a few months of change.


A young cat ended up at a shelter with her 4-week-old kittens, desperately needing rescue. She was a mother of two, who eagerly sought attention through the kennel door.

When Nikki of Best Friends Felines (a cat rescue) learned about her plight, she and her team sprang into action and brought the family of three to safety. “The moment she arrived, she showered her carer with head bops and smooches. This girl just loves attention,” Nikki shared.

She was so delighted to be out of the shelter that she greeted every volunteer, rubbing her face vigorously into their hand.

Allegra was rescued from a shelter along with her two kittensBestFriendsFelines

The cat named Allegra (which means happy, cheerful in Italian) was about two months shy of one year old at the time, with gorgeous wide eyes and ear tufts. Despite being a young mom, she tried her utmost to keep her two babies, Alexia and Alyssa, clean and well fed.

Her foster carer knew that as her living conditions improved, her coat would fluff up to its full glory.


Over the next few weeks in foster care, the kittens blossomed into boisterous troublemakers. As they became independent, cavorting around the place on their own, Allegra started to lay off mommy duties and spend more time learning to be a cat herself.

When the kittens were old enough for adoption, they swiftly found their forever home. For the first time in a while, Allegra could focus on her own growth.


She wasn’t sure how to play with toys at first and what to make of all the new things in the house after having been sequestered with her kittens in the nursery.

With the encouragement of her foster family, she slowly acclimated to the house.


She celebrated her first birthday with loving humans around her. Though she wasn’t interested in socializing with other cats, she soaked up all the attention from her people and preferred having them to herself.

“She does something we call the ‘dolphin leap’. When you raise your hand to pat her, she will leap up to rub her head into your hand.”

She slowly acclimated to the houseBestFriendsFelines

As time went by, her foster family noticed that the volume of her coat became thicker as her fur grew longer, silkier and softer.

A magnificent mane bloomed to match her long whiskers, and the fluff around her belly and tail turned voluminous.

Her fur coat grew fluffier over timeBestFriendsFelines

“Fostering changes lives. Look at what love, safety, care and good nutrition can do. Who knew all that fluff was in there.”

With her people tending to her every whim and a comfy home to do whatever she pleases, Allegra has turned into quite the personality.

She likes to roll around on the floor, showing off her fluffy bellyBestFriendsFelines

She has never met a stranger, and when she receives chin scritches, she will wrap her arms around her person’s hand and hold it like a hug.

She wants all the love to herself, being the center of attention in her household, the one and only.


After having to fend for herself and raising a litter for the first year of her life, she is ready to find a special someone who will love and spoil her endlessly.

She has blossomed into a beautyBestFriendsFelines

This is what a second chance and a foster home can do. Allegra has transformed into a stunner with a fluffy, gleaming coat and so much to give.


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