Neighbors Went to Help Cat Abandoned Outside and Ended Up Saving Five Kittens too

Kind neighbors went to help a cat who had been abandoned outside, and ended up saving five kittens, too.

Josie the catEllen Richter

A long-haired black and white cat was spotted wandering the streets, scrounging around for food. Kind neighbors noticed the cat and went to check on her.

“She was left outside when her family moved, and neighbors found her, skin and bones. They took her in, began to care for her and reached out for help. We immediately made room for her,” Homeward Bound Cat Adoptions shared.

The friendly cat named Josie was young, just shy of a year old. “She was sweet, social and had a big surprise. Josie was pregnant.”

She was left behind outside and found by kind neighborsEllen Richter

“She was close to delivering. We placed her with an experienced foster, so she could prepare for her babies in the safety and comfort of a home.”

Soon after arriving, Josie made herself comfortable, kneading away with happy paws and purring up a storm. Clearly, she was over the moon to have a roof over her head and a person to cuddle.

Josie was so happy to be in a home againEllen Richter

She quickly warmed up to her foster mom, Ellen Richter, climbed on her lap and melted right into her. Josie spent the next few days making plenty of biscuits, filling the room with her rumbling purrs.

“Josie’s ‘baby watch’ didn’t last long; she soon delivered five healthy kittens.” She was a bit unsure of what to do at first but relieved to have her foster mom to help her every step of the way.

She kneaded away happily on her foster mom’s lapEllen Richter

With five hungry mouths to feed, Josie dove into mommy duties as she cleaned the babies, nursed them around the clock and showered them with snuggles.

She was so attentive that she didn’t want to leave their side, other than a quick bathroom break.

Josie gave birth to five healthy kittensEllen Richter

Ellen brought food to her to make sure that Josie was well replenished throughout the day. “She got a great appetite and was eating well.”

Josie catered to her babies’ every whim and hovered over them constantly.

She was a wonderful cat motherEllen Richter

After the first week, she started to feel comfortable to leave the nest and spend some quality time with her foster mom. “She surprised me by greeting me at the foster room door, getting attention and love,” Ellen shared.

Josie loved hanging out with her people, but if the kittens made a peep, she would zoom right over to see them.

Ellen Richter

When the babies’ eyes were wide open, they started moving their legs, waddling around and wrestling with each other. Mama Josie finally took some time off to the side for herself.

The family of six moved into a spacious pen to give the kittens more room to play and stretch safely.

Ellen Richter

While the five honed their walking, climbing and pouncing skills, Josie patiently held them down to bathe them, one by one, from head to tail.

When they had a whole room to themselves, suddenly, all five kittens were zooming around, chasing each other, creating all kinds of antics.

Ellen Richter

Josie was finally ready to hang up her mama duties and started acting like a kitten again. She continued her daily biscuit-making on a warm lap or a soft blanket while getting prepped for her next chapter in life.

Ellen Richter

After being left outside to fend for herself, Josie was saved by the kindness of neighbors. She arrived at her foster home and went on to raise five beautiful kittens.

Ellen Richter

Josie was spayed, vetted and joined other kitties on the adoption floor, hoping for someone special to find her. It didn’t take long for a nice family to fall head over heels for the sweet girl.

“She is enjoying being spoiled (in her new home) and officially retired as a mama.”

Ellen Richter

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