Kitten Spotted on a Lawn Thanks to Her Big Voice and Unwillingness to Give Up, Her Life is Forever Changed

A kitten was spotted on a lawn thanks to her big voice and unwillingness to give up. It took a village but her life was forever changed.

Peach the kittenOne Cat at a Time

Last month, a Good Samaritan heard what sounded like a kitten, and it went on incessantly. Concerned, she started looking around the area, tracing the sound, trying to locate the distressed kitten.

She was stunned when she discovered a tiny tabby, the size of her hand, lying in the grass by herself, meowing at the top of her lungs. Despite her miniature size, the kitten had a set of pipes that saved her life.

There was no sign of a mother cat or siblings, and the kitten was sickly and very skinny.

She was found alone outside without a motherOne Cat at a Time

The finder reached out to the community for help so the little one could receive care immediately.

A local animal shelter responded right away and brought her to safety while they searched for someone who was more equipped to nurse the kitten around the clock.

Peach started healing in a warm and cozy incubatorOne Cat at a Time

One Cat at a Time, a rescue specializing in orphaned kittens, was then contacted. “We were asked to take her. How can you say no to a little face like that?” Marie, founder of One Cat at a Time, said.

The kitten was lovingly named Peach after Princess Peach. No one knows how she ended up outside alone, and her mom never returned, but Peach won’t have to worry about food and shelter again.

She made good gains and became more activeOne Cat at a Time

Peach was underweight but showed an incredible will to live. She took to the bottle and ate to her heart’s content at each feeding. In just two days, she put on 50 grams.

Peach was treated for an upper respiratory infection, and she took everything in stride.

One Cat at a Time

For the first week in foster care, she stayed in an incubator to keep her warm and comfy. She had a snuggle toy with a beating heart to soothe her, so she wouldn’t feel lonely.

She would purr up a storm in her cozy nest and knead away happily on her blanket.

One Cat at a Time

In perfect Peach’s fashion, she’d cry for her bottle when she was hungry and cry some more when she demanded immediate attention.

At three weeks old, her teeth began to germinate, and she started to nibble and play. She continued to make good gains every day and her energy level soared.

One Cat at a Time

The more active she became, the more inquisitive she was with everything around her.

Peach was upgraded into a spacious playpen where she could exercise her legs and hone her feline skills. With great care and good nutrition, she reached one milestone after another, and her personality emerged.

She’s getting bigger, stronger and more playful One Cat at a Time

She has figured out how to use the litter box, climb a cat tree and play with toys. She likes to nap on sundry cat beds and enjoys every single one of them.

At six weeks old, Peach has moved on from her bottle and is eating solid food like a champ. “She is becoming a big girl who no longer needs milk (kitten formula),” Marie shared.

One Cat at a Time

Peach has bloomed into a healthy, playful youngling with a big voice and an endearing personality.

With the help of a community, she has gone from rags to riches, thriving in foster care, with a bright future ahead of her.

One Cat at a Time

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