Such a Happy Therapy Cat Visit

I knew my visit to the children’s hospital was going to be a good one from the beginning. I started my work right in the elevator to the lobby because we went up with a mom and her boy. They were so happy to see me, and I got petted while I was still in my sling carrier.

As always, we spent time in the lobby, and there were lots of kids who wanted to see a kitty. One girl had a plastic body brace sitting next to her. She moved it out of the way so I could sit with her. I also visited another little girl who had both parents with her. I enjoyed them a lot. The dad said, “I’m glad her brother isn’t here because he’d be asking for a cat the whole way home.” He claimed he was a dog person, and they have a dog at home, but if you ask me, he seemed to think I was pretty cool.

The exam rooms were filled with patients getting check ups, x-rays, and adjustments made. So many of them were so happy to see me! Their faces just lit up when I walked in.

I remember one little boy in particular who was very excited to see me. His mom mentioned that he and his sisters really wanted a cat. He eagerly petted me, touched my feet, marveled at my slightest reaction to his touch and squealed. Of course I enjoyed him because I understand kids. But my human was thinking to herself that a regular cat might not be so forgiving, and that maybe he needed a year or two before he was ready for a kitty. He and his mom were really nice people, though.

The last family I visited was a young girl, her mother, and her grandmother. The grandmother chatted for a long time about the cats she had in her life, and the dogs she presently had. I love that she kept my human occupied so the little girl had lots of time to cuddle with me and pet me. My human didn’t even realize it was time for us to leave until a nurse fetched the mom and girl.

I gave out lots of high fives on this visit, and I also spent a little time with some of the staff in the hallway, as they monitored their equipment. It was a happy therapy cat day all around.

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​ I love when patients are so happy to see me, and this week’s visit to the children’s hospital was especially good.
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